My Pa

My dad is way eloquent for a burly construction worker, and while he doesn’t know this blog exists, I just have to share the email he sent me yesterday. A little background: he’s in Arizona, I’m in Seattle. Whenever I go home to visit we spend the afternoons standing in the kitchen, talking and eating potato chips from the bag. For some reason, my Pa likes to put the bag in the sink – I always make fun of him for it. Anyway, here it is:

Subject: Rain in Spain

Woke up last night to the sound of rain falling. (that ever happen to you?) Then this am (2:45) still raining! (that ever happen to you?) I drove to the office and it rained all the way there.(that ever happen to you?) 40 miles. I sent every one home because it was raining ( I know that has never happened to you) I drove about town and checked jobs in progress and those soon to start and it rained the whole time. (that ever happen to you?)
I finally came home and had some potato chips outta the sink and it made me think of you. (that ever happen to you?)
Love Ya