Today a baby bird flew into the bar.

Nope, not the beginning of a joke. I was behind the bar making drinks when I heard a ruckus on the patio. I go out to investigate and there is a baby crow cowering under a lady’s chair, with his crow parents in the tree above hollering at him. They were most displeased that he failed so miserably in his attempt to fly. I’m sure they were also upset that there were so many humans near their baby. The woman in the chair looked a bit nervous, so I popped inside and grabbed a towel to try to shoo him off with.

Of course, he sees me coming and bolts…right into the bar!

My coworker sees it and helps me corner him. I pick him up using the towel and carefully carry him outside (much to the amazement of the people on the patio). I put him on the newspaper stand, figuring that he has a shot of flying from something above the ground.

Fun, huh? Never a dull moment!