The A Team

Did you know that all five seasons of The A Team are available to watch on hulu? It’s so awesome, I can hardly stand it!

It was my little brother’s favorite show when we were kids, and I will admit that beyond Mr T, I didn’t remember much about the series. Then I started watching it. It’s completely written for an eight year old boy. A car flips or drives through a wall in every episode (sometimes it flips WHILE driving through a wall!)

Oh man, I can’t believe this show got cancelled! It’s awesomely terrible. Completely formulaic, but that just means that it doesn’t require your undivided attention!

Car chases! Crashes! Tricking Mr T into getting on a plane! Bad guys! Murdock acting crazy!

Oh, I love it so much. Apparently, I am an eight year old boy at heart.

Oh, and my Mr T impression is getting pretty good.