This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me in real life, but…

I’m thinking about moving and the boyfriend is going to come with me! The thing is, we’re having trouble deciding exactly where. We’ve narrowed it down to California. At first, we said San Diego, then Santa Monica, and now we just can’t decide! Here’s what we’re hoping for:

A large body of water – preferably nearby, and by nearby I mean walking distance with a sandy beach.

Someplace the boyfriend has a chance of getting a job. He’s hoping to do something with video editing and post production but he’d probably settle for any kind of office job (if pressed).

Either big enough to have a downtown, or small enough that we can live in the city center and walk everywhere (what we do now). The boyfriend has a car, but we like to avoid using it if at all possible.

An off-leash dogpark nearby would be cool (I know many areas of California are not exactly dog friendly).

A cool bar where I can find a job.

Any ideas? We’d love any input you might have!